A Bit About
The Diocesan Herald

While initially being a predominately school-based magazine, over the course the past few years, the Diocesan Herald has expanded its focus to include commentary on politics and the arts, with critiques on film, society, and opinion editorials that are expressed by student writers.

Not only that, but we're on the lookout for new Heralds! Whether you want to gain business and managerial experience, design a fresh new look for the Diocesan Herald, or write to your heart's content, we are interested.

Contact us at diocesanherald@gmail.com for enquiries, or if you would like to contribute to the Herald, feel free to pop us an email! We accept all submissions, ranging from research articles, to current fashion, to poetry.

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Issue 15 and 16 - Print Version Available!

December 2020

We've worked things so everyone can read Issue 15 and 16 online!

The Diocesan Herald is Now Recruiting Talent!

September 2020

Contact us if you're interested! Don't be shy. We don't bite. :-)

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